About Diane...

Diane was born in Chicago, and has lived in the area for most of her life. She has always enjoyed creating with different mediums. From her time in art school, through her career in photography, advertising agencies, newspaper and magazine design and production, Diane has loved learning the processes involved in the individual fields.

"I have learned a lot of different skill sets in all the areas I have worked. Having that wide variety of exposure, I have been very fortunate to use those experiences to become more efficient in my business and creative processes."

Looking for a new diversion and always wanting to work in stained glass, Diane took
a class at a shop in Naperville, Illinois in 2001. They also offered beginning lampwork
classes. Taking those classes was the hook that drew her into the glass world. Since
that time, Diane has taken lampworking classes with Kate Fowle Meleney, Brent "Mr. Smiley" Graber, Andrea Guarino Slemmons, Jennifer Geldard, Dan Grumbling and Loren Stump. "I love to take classes with artists that have different styles, work with different glasses, colors, metals and enamels in unique ways. It opens your eyes to the endless possibilities in working with such a fragile, yet incredibly fluid material."

Diane is currently exploring her passion for glass from her home studio
in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. 

Bead Review – Book 3, Spring 2008, Pages 7-8
The Flow
, Winter 2007, Third Annual Gallery of Women in Glass, Page 10

Photo Credit: Kim Rueth @ Knot Just Beads
Madison Bead Show, 2014

Next Show:

Bead and Button Show
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 7th - 10th, 2018


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