True Language Immersion

At BRIS, we believe that languages open up exciting doors into our multicultural world, which is why we help our students develop language skills and prepare them to be active global citizens.


Our English language core curriculum includes Language and Literature, History, Geography, Mathematics, Arts, Physical Education, and Sciences.

In order to nurture international mindedness, a pillar of the IB, the content in these courses is designed to lend itself to cross-curricular and multicultural applications. This holistic approach prepares both our native speakers and non-native speakers to thrive in the English-speaking world and beyond.

Spanish & French Immersion

At BRIS, students deepen their understanding, knowledge, and application of  languages through a variety of subjects and methods as well as the use of media. Our Spanish and French immersion school program covers a variety of genres and literary styles to not only develop control of the language but also demonstrate proficiency and mastery through the study of structure and grammar, preparing students to use the language in real-life situations.

As they embark on 6th grade and start working through the MYP, students expand their global thinking as the additional languages become part of their world. The culture and communication are connected. They can think critically, compare their culture to others and develop new skills that allow them to connect to each other and understand and respect the concept of individual cultures.


Our Chinese program emphasizes balanced training in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in multiple proficiency levels. Various cultural concepts are also added to the curriculum through different class activities to ensure holistic learning experiences.

In Chinese class, students will also focus on reading and writing of Chinese characters with less presence of the Pinyin system over the years of study as well as composing meaningful conversations with more complexity.