Our Founders

The story of the Baton Rouge International School began in 1999 when founders Nathalie Guyon and Hafid Laroussi decided to offer a unique international education experience to the children of Louisiana that would allow them to live locally, study wisely and communicate globally.

Nathalie Guyon and Hafid Laroussi designed and developed a rigorous multilingual immersion curriculum based on the world’s best practices and international academic standards that expose children to diverse cultures through modern languages, technology, Science/Math and traditional academic disciplines. With this innovative multilingual immersion program and support from the community, they launched the Baton Rouge International School (BRIS) which opened its doors, in 2000, with a pre-elementary provision.

In 2001, the elementary school and first grade were implemented. In each subsequent year, a new grade has been added to grow the program until 12th grade including an Early Immersion Learning Center (ELIC) for ages 6 weeks-2 years. BRIS graduated its first class in 2013 and has since alumni studying in prestigious colleges in the United States and abroad.

Our Founders believe in the power of international education to positively change and impact the world:

“We believe in the power of international education based on strong academics, native-like language proficiency and deep cultural understanding to connect with people and navigate safely in this ever-changing complex world. We truly believe we can be local and global while preserving our individual identity and uniqueness. BRIS is a reflective mirror of the local and global society in which we live today!”

Nathalie Guyon and Hafid Laroussi, BRIS Founders

Our History

Since its inception, BRIS enrollment soared from 9 students in 2000 to 510 students by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. The Louisiana “home grown” school now attracts students, educators and parents from the 4 corners of the globe. In addition to this exponential growth, BRIS achieved several milestones and accomplishments including BESE recognition, MYP and DP accreditations to become an IB world school and a member of the LHSAA.

Nathalie and Hafid educated thousands of young men and women with the collaboration of a brilliant team of faculty and staff members and the amazing supportive diverse community they have built together for the last two decades. They were all guided by a single principle: to always do what is in the best interest of our children and students. The success of former students and alumni is a testimony of the hard work and dedication to their unique educational program.

The incredible journey of our Founders is driven by a vision to develop a world-class International School in the heart of Louisiana that will allow children to receive a well-rounded international education and blend seamlessly with the rest of the world. BRIS is now in expert hands with the team at the International School Partnership (ISP), a world-class education group that is learning focused and will strive to help make BRIS into the best version of itself.

Baton Rouge International School

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